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Prof. Dr. S. Vanchilingam - Neurologist & Stroke Specialist

Dr Vanchilingam Best Neurologist Thanjavur
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Prof. Dr. S. Vanchilingam - Neurologist & Stroke Specialist


With over two and a half decades of experience in practising in the field of neurology, our founder and chairman Prof. Dr.S. Vanchilingam MD DM is a retired Professor of neurology and a well respected senior neurologist in the country. He is known to have reached the pinnacle of excellence in neurology. His expertise has been fruitful to many patients from all around India and overseas who arrive at our hospital seeking medical care for various neurological conditions. He is the Founder President of the Tamil Nadu Association of Neurologists and is also an integral part of many other medical groups in India. The hospital today stands as a  state of the art complete Neuro care under one roof center because of the seeds he sowed. The work he started is being continued with the addition of newer therapeutics, facilities and modalities.


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