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About Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital

Speciality Hospital in Chennai

Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, the first and only specialty hospital in Thanjavur dedicated to neurology since 1996 is expanding its services to Korattur, Chennai where our expert team of neurologists and neurosurgeons, trained and led by Dr Somesh Vanchilingam, brings cutting-edge medical treatments to the forefront.

We offer comprehensive treatment for various neurological disorders, with a specific focus on advanced stroke care. Our neuro experts are fully-equiped to address emergency brain strokes, providing specialized care for conditions such as brain aneurysms, AVM, and tumors. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including modernized labs and surgery rooms, ensure unmatched expertise in the management and recovery of stroke treatment.

Personalized Treatments

Leading Stroke Specialists

Stroke Attack

Symptoms: Abrupt numbness, severe headache, and trouble seeing.

Stroke Recovery

Symptoms: sudden weakness, confusion, or difficulty speaking.

Brain Aneurysm

Symptoms: Sudden severe headaches, vision changes, or neck pain.

AVM Treatment

Symptoms: Seizures, severe headaches, or neurological deficits.

Brain Tumor Treatment

Symptoms: Persistent headaches, cognitive changes, or seizures.

Alzheimer's Disease

Symptoms: Memory loss, cognitive decline.

Adv Epilepsy Treatment

Symptoms: Recurrent seizures, altered consciousness.

Neuro-Degenerative Diseases

Parkinson's disease, Multiple-Sclerosis, Demyelinating Disorders.

Our Facilities

State of the art facilities

Acute Stroke Unit

Advanced Neuro ICU

Advanced Neuro Imaging

Neuro Interventional Lab

Meet our Neuro Specialists

Advanced Stroke & Neuro Specialist

At Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital we have the finest Neurologist. Neurosurgeon, Radiologists, Strokologis obstetrics and gynecology consultant, backed with the support staff that focuses and strive to get patients back to full strength helping them lead a healthy and happy life ahead.

Why Choose Us

27 Years of Neurology & Stroke Expertise

24/7 Neuro/Stroke ICU

Expert Neuro Surgeons & Specialists

Cutting-Edge Medical Care

Emergency Support Anytime, Anywhere

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27 Years of Neurology & Stroke Expertise

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