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Careers in Neurology & Neurosurgeon

Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital is one of the leading single speciality hospitals in India. We keep ourselves ahead of the curb by constantly expanding and developing our services.

Neurology Job Vacancy

Thanks to our constant expansion, we have been able to provide equal employment opportunities to both the experienced and freshers alike. Because of the recognition that our hospital has maintained it has been our pleasure to have been on the receiving end of resumes from many job applicants. Many applicants have had the privilege to join our team and work towards our goal. They have had the chance to learn and be trained by our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Our vast array of resources have also been instrumental in moulding fresher’s into skilled medical professionals.

Any prospective applicants who would like to join our team of dedicated professionals can contact us to check for any career vacancies.

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Authored By Dr Somesh Vanchilingam - Neuro Specialist, Thanjavur

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