Neurology Treatments

We make sure that sufficient care is provided to the children so that they are able to lead a normal life.

What is Paediatric Neurology?

Paediatric neurology more popularly known as child neurology and is a specialised branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of a number of neurological conditions in the new-borns, infants, children and as well as adolescents or the younger adults. Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital has a specialised paediatric neurology department which highly qualified and enormously experienced doctors who take very good care of all neurological developmental problems occurring during the childhood. We make sure that sufficient care is provided to the children so that they are able to lead a somewhat normal life.


Our Specialities
Dr.VanchilingamHospital offers treatments of all the neurological issues related to the children but our paediatric neurology department has the following specialities to offer.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is basically movement disorder, the posture of muscle tone as a result of the damage caused to the developing and immature brain usually before the birth that is while the baby is in the womb of the mother. Another of the most important cause of cerebral palsy is perinatal hypoxic ischemia in the brain of the child just at the time of birth or just before it. In this case, sufficient oxygen is not able to reach the tissues of the brain which results in the killing of the barn cells thereby leading to cerebral palsy. It affects the functional abilities of the child to a great extent. Our paediatric neurology department makes a series of tests including brain scans, MRI, EEG and some associated laboratory test for making an accurate diagnosis of the disorder. Our team of doctors then make sure to formulate the most effective treatment plan which depends on the condition of the patients to help in managing the symptoms and increasing their independence.

Developmental Delay

Developmental delay is referred to as the condition in the children who do not develop normally both physically as well as mentally in terms of the age of the children. There are a number of different types of developmental delays in the infants and the young children such as impaired speech, improper vision, movement issues, social & emotional skills and cognitive skills which are perfectly identified by our paediatric neurology department. We make effective use of medications and various therapies for bringing about the proper development in the child to the extent that is possible.

Mental Retardation
Mental retardation or intellectual disability is nothing but the retarded mental ability or below average intelligence along with the lack of necessary skills for daily life. This can include trouble for talking, great difficulty in remembering things, behavioural problems, mastering things like potty training, dressing, self-feeding and difficulty with logical thinking or problem-solving. Department of paediatric neurology at Dr.Vanchilingam hospital correctly identifies the symptoms & the causes of mental retardation in children and then take effective steps for treatment. We start off with the intervention programs which includes speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, training with special assistive equipment and nutrition services.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
Attention deficit hyperactive disorder or ADHD is a behavioural disorder in the children which includes signs of inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity due to premature birth, low birth weight or excessive smoking or alcohol during pregnancy. We at Dr.Vanchilingam hospital treat ADHD with the help of effective medications along with a number of psychological therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy which proves to be of a great help. Along with it, we also offer appropriate educational support and advice for the parents so that they are able to properly deal with it.

Febrile Seizures
Febrile seizures are actually convulsions which happen in the kids during a high fever. If not treated, the febrile seizures can be severe and might result in the damage of the brain or epilepsy.  Our hospital aims at finding out the exact cause of the seizure for making sure that they are caused by simple fever and nothing else. Our doctors may also check if the child has meningitis by a spinal tap. The expert paediatricians also perform several tests to pinpoint the cause of the febrile seizure. We then provide effective medication and most generally we administer the use of diazepam for the prevention of febrile seizures.

Neurodevelopmental Disorder
Neurodevelopmental disorders are basically a group of disorders in which the development of the central nervous system is not normal or disturbed. This includes developmental dysfunction of the brain which results in the manifestation of neuropsychiatric problems or impaired learning, motor function, communication etc. Our paediatric neurology department focuses on the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of the various neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities etc. We make use of the most advanced techniques for treating the children with the neurodevelopmental disorder to come up with the best possible result. We also for cognitive behavioural therapy in this regard which proves to be helpful.