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Neurology Treatments

We make sure that sufficient care is provided to the children so that they are able to lead a normal life.

What is Pediatric Neurology?

Pediatric neurology, also known as child neurology, is a specialized field of medicine focused on diagnosing, treating, and managing various neurological conditions in newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. At Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, we have a dedicated pediatric neurology department staffed with highly qualified and experienced doctors. Our team provides comprehensive care for all neurological developmental issues that may arise during childhood. As a leading Pediatric Neurologist in Chennai, we prioritize ensuring that children receive the necessary care to enable them to lead as normal a life as possible.

Our Specialities
Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital offers treatments for all neurological issues related to children. However, our pediatric neurology department specializes in the following areas:

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder characterized by abnormal muscle tone and posture, resulting from damage to the developing brain, typically occurring before birth while the baby is in the womb. Another significant cause of cerebral palsy is perinatal hypoxic ischemia, which occurs when the child’s brain is deprived of sufficient oxygen around the time of birth. This lack of oxygen leads to cell death in the brain, contributing to cerebral palsy. The condition significantly impacts the child’s functional abilities.

In our pediatric neurology department, we conduct a series of tests including brain scans, MRI, EEG, and other associated laboratory tests to accurately diagnose the disorder. Our team of doctors then formulates the most effective treatment plan based on the patient’s condition to manage symptoms and enhance independence.

Developmental Delay

Developmental delay refers to a condition in children where there is a delay in both physical and mental development relative to their age. There are various types of developmental delays observed in infants and young children, including impaired speech, vision problems, motor issues, and difficulties in social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Our pediatric neurology department specializes in identifying these delays accurately. We employ a combination of medications and therapies to promote proper development in children to the best extent possible.

Mental Retardation

Intellectual disability, also known as mental retardation, refers to below-average intelligence and a lack of necessary skills for daily life. This can manifest as difficulties in communication, memory, behavior, and mastering basic tasks such as dressing and self-feeding. Children with intellectual disabilities may also struggle with logical thinking and problem-solving.

At the Department of Pediatric Neurology at Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, we accurately identify the symptoms and causes of intellectual disability in children and implement effective treatment strategies. Our intervention programs include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, training with special assistive equipment, and nutrition services to support the child’s overall development.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder in children characterized by symptoms of inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. It can be attributed to factors such as premature birth, low birth weight, or maternal smoking or alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

At Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, we treat ADHD using effective medications and a variety of psychological therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, which has proven to be beneficial. Additionally, we provide appropriate educational support and guidance for parents to help them effectively manage the condition.

Febrile Seizures

Febrile seizures are convulsions that occur in children during high fever episodes. If left untreated, febrile seizures can be severe and may lead to brain damage or epilepsy.

At our hospital, we focus on identifying the exact cause of the seizure to ensure it is related solely to fever. Our doctors may perform a spinal tap to check for meningitis. Pediatricians conduct various tests to pinpoint the cause of the febrile seizure.

We provide effective medication, typically administering diazepam to prevent febrile seizures.

Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Neurodevelopmental disorders encompass a group of conditions where the development of the central nervous system is disrupted or abnormal. This can lead to various neuropsychiatric problems, impaired learning, motor function, and communication difficulties.

Our pediatric neurology department specializes in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, intellectual disabilities, and learning disabilities. We utilize advanced techniques to provide the best possible outcomes for children with these conditions. Additionally, cognitive behavioral therapy is offered as it has proven to be beneficial in managing these disorders.