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Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital is one of the most distinguished speciality neurology hospital with a dedicated team of experienced and skilled physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals led by our founder, Dr.Vanchilingam.

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A stroke is referred to as the condition when the supply of blood to any particular part of the brain is reduced or interrupted which in turn deprives the tissues of the brain of oxygen and essential nutrients. Within a few minutes of the stroke the cells of the brain begin to die out resulting in the need of an emergency treatment which can save the brain from being damaged and further potential complications. An extremely prompt treatment is crucial for saving the life of a patient to whom the stroke has occurred.

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Ask them to smile.

Does one side of the face droop or feel numb?


Ask them to raise their arms.

Does one arm feel weak or numb?


Ask them to repeat a simple sentence

Do they have difficulty speaking or speech slurred?


Even if the symptoms seem to improve,call for a doctor or visit the hospital immediately.

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Acute Stroke Unit

The stroke unit is basically a multidisciplinary team which includes specialist nursing staffs based in a completely discrete ward which has been particularly designed for the stroke patients. The acute stroke unit is actually an acute neurological ward that offers specialist services to the patients who have had a new suspected stroke. It is an emergency department that takes special care of the patients so that they survive the stroke and can be cured.

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Neuro ICU

A neuro ICU is nothing but an Intensive Care Unit which is particularly devoted to a high - quality care of patients with the neurological problems that are life threatening in nature. The concept of neuro ICUs came into existence about 25 years ago in a response to the more specialised needs for some of the most critical neurological disorders. This was possible because of the growing techniques along with modern science and technology.The neuro ICU of our hospital is a completely state of art and a full fledged one designed

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Advanced Neuro Imaging

Advanced neuro imaging is referred to as the techniques for the proper diagnosis and treatment of various problems associated with the central nervous system of the human beings. These techniques help the doctors to perform a detailed study of the brain and the central nervous system with the help of the images obtained with advanced neuro imaging techniques. Thus, it can be very well understood that how vital is the role played by these techniques in the appropriate diagnosis as well as its effective management.

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Neuro Interventional Cath Lab

A neuro interventional Cath lab is nothing but a specialised catherization laboratory which has all the necessary diagnostic imaging equipment that are particularly used for the purpose of visualisation of nerves, arteries and the spine to deal efficiently as well as effectively with all the conditions, diseases or abnormalities of the central nervous system of the human beings. The neuro interventional Cath lab of Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital is a state of art one with all the necessary infrastructure.

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Neuro Surgery Operating Room

A neuro surgery operating room as can be understood form the name an extremely specialised room for carrying out some of the most complex operations on the patients with neurological diseases, conditions or disorders. The neuro surgery operating room is a bit different from the traditional operating room in terms of the facilities and the available infrastructure. This particular operating room has all the necessary equipment, tools and all the other necessary items.

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Our Doctors

At Dr Vanchilingam Hospital we have the finest Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Radiologists, Strokologist, obstetrics, and gynecology consultant, backed with the support staff that focuses and strive to get patients back to full strength helping them lead a healthy and happy life ahead...

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No.9, Kutchery Road,
Near Abirami Hotel
Phone: 04364 – 227633

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Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital is one of the leading single speciality hospitals in India. We keep ourselves ahead of the curb by constantly expanding and developing our services.

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