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Memory Loss Treatments

Memory disorders are basically the disorders of cognition, the ability to remember, make decisions, reason and effectively communicate.

What are Memory Disorders?

A little lapse of memory is quite common among all of us. We are not being able to remember where we kept the keys of the car or simply cannot remember a name. These are quite common and are considered to be memory disorders. But at the time when this loss of memory has a significant interference with the work, daily tasks, social activities and a number of other similar situations, then it is high time that appropriate medical attention is required since these happenings are not common and are considered to be memory disorders.


Memory disorders are basically the disorders of cognition, the ability to remember, make decisions, reason and effectively communicate. Our adequately trained neuro team at Dr.Vanchilingam hospital has an in-depth experience in carrying out efficient and effective treatment for a wide variety of memory disorders which includes Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, vascular cognitive impairment, mild cognitive impairment, hydrocephalus and a lot of others as well.

Causes of Memory Disorders
There are a number of causes and factors that are responsible for the memory disorders which are listed below.

  • Ageing is a very common cause of memory disorders
  • Trauma can result in loss of memory and other disorders
  • Abuse of substances
  • Heredity that is inheriting of genes associated with the memory disorders like Huntington’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Any kinds of cardiovascular diseases
  • Any infectious diseases or metabolic diseases that are left untreated
  • Narrowing of the arteries which helps in flowing of blood to the brain
  • Tumours in the brain
  • Deficiencies of certain vitamins

There are some of the memory disorders that can develop all of a sudden whereas the other might be present for years but without any signs or symptoms. Our skilled neurologists at Dr.Vanchilingam hospital helps in the determination of whether the progression of the particular memory disorder can be slowed down or even reversed completely.
It is quite clear to us that there are a number of memory disorders but the Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia are the most common ones that we encounter that requires more attention.

Alzheimer’s Disease
It is a disease of the brain that occurs more commonly in the older adults but can also happen at the early age of 40 as well. It is a progressive disorder that gets worse with time. The disease results in the causing a series of changes to the nerves of the brain forming clumps, tangles and others lose connections to the other nerves. In the more severe stage, it interferes greatly with the daily life and the patients require assistance with almost all daily activities. Our state of art laboratory diagnoses the Alzheimer’s Disease by the presence of amyloid plagues and neurofibrillary tangles. We at Dr.Vanchilingam hospital use various approved medications for the effective management of the Alzheimer’s Disease or retarding the rate of declination. Apart from the drugs, we suggest aerobic and weight-bearing exercises to help in the increasing of the energy levels, reduction of apathy and improvement of the overall sense of well being of the affected individuals.

Vascular Dementia
Vascular dementia is another of the very common type of memory disorder seen in the older adults. It results in the progressive declination of memory and other functions of the brain which is usually caused by the reduced flow of blood in the brain. Our trained neurologists identify the disease on the basis of blood tests including the thyroid function and the levels of vitamin B12 in the blood. The doctors at Dr.Vanchilingam hospital carries out the most difficult part of differentiating it from the Alzheimer’s Disease since the symptoms and signs are quite similar to it. We help to design the most effective treatment plan for the affected individuals by a perfect combination of medicines, regular exercising and a very healthy diet. Our treatment plan is designed in such a way so as to prevent and control all the associated risk factors like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.