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What is Interventional Cath Lab?

A neuro-interventional Cath lab in a neurodiagnostic Centre is a specialized catheterization laboratory which has all the necessary diagnostic imaging equipment that is particularly used for the purpose of visualization of the arteries, veins and other vascular malformations of the brain and spinal cord. The neuro interventional cath lab of Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital is a state of art one with all the necessary infrastructure for providing the best quality treatment for our patients.

What We Offer?

Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital has the only the completely functional Cath lab in and around the district that meets almost all sorts of the requirement for providing the neuro patients with the most effective care. The hospital is equipped with a SHIMADZU heart speed of 10f Cath lab. The Cath Lab is fully furnished with all the latest and modern machines which include an exclusive pressure injector along with a sophisticated anaesthesia machine. With the aid of this fully functional and well equipped Cath lab, our expert team of doctors performs a number of neuro-interventional and peripheral vascular interventional procedures which are as listed below.

IA Thrombolysis

Intraarterial thrombolysis or IA thrombolysis can be effectively performed at our Cath lab which is used or the treatment of the patients who have suffered from an acute ischemic stroke. In this process, a specialised substance t-PA or tissue plasminogen activator is injected into the area of clot for the purpose of dissolving it.

Mechanical Thrombectomy

It is another of the procedure performed in our Cath lab for the treatment of the patients who had recently suffered from an acute stroke. This is performed only at the time a large blood vessel of the patient is blocked.

Carotid & vertebral artery and intracranial artery stenting

In this procedure, our expert doctors take a small balloon along with a very small metal scaffold called a stent for the purpose of opening a narrowed carotid artery which is responsible for supplying blood to the brain. Our well equipped Cath lab makes sure that the process is carried out at its best without any interruptions.


Aneurysm coiling

It is another vital treatment procedure carried out by our experienced doctors in the Cath lab where a thin metallic wire is inserted which forms a coil-like structure inside the brain aneurysm for blocking the flow of blood. Brain aneurysm is a bulged and weakened area in the artery wall in the brain which is at a great risk of bursting if not blocked.

AVM embolization

AVM is referred to as the arteriovenous malformations of the spine or the brain which is nothing but simply abnormal connections between the arteries and the veins. AVM embolization is a specialised technique performed in our Cath lab where the abnormal blood vessels are plugged out under x-ray guidance and with the help of a catheter from the femoral artery in the leg into the exact area of treatment.