Neurology Operation

A neurosurgery operating room as can be understood from the name as an extremely specialised room for carrying out some of the most complex operations on the patients with neurological diseases, conditions or disorders. The neurosurgery operating room is a bit different from the traditional operating room in terms of the facilities and the available infrastructure. This particular operating room has all the necessary equipment, tools and all the other necessary items that are required for carrying out a complex neuro surgery in a smooth manner without any kinds of interruptions.

The Speciality of Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital ( Neurosurgery Hospital )
The neurosurgery operating room of Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital, Neurosurgery Hospital is a fully functional and a state of art one that has the adequate infrastructure for effectively carrying out even the most complicated neuro surgeries with ease. Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital aims to create the perfect combination of neurosurgical excellence with the cutting edge technology to make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of treatment offered to the neuro patients. Some of the specialities of the neuro surgery operating room of Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital are as discussed below.

  • The hospital has a modular operation theatre with laminar airflow. All essential tools and equipment are kept ready so that there are no delays in carrying out the surgery on the patients which in turn plays a significant role in the improvement of the overall results of the neurosurgeries so performed on the patients.
  • Surgical operating microscope is one of the specialised equipment of the neuro surgery operating room of Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital which is nothing but a specialised optical microscope which is particularly designed for the purpose of using it in a surgical setting for typically performing a neurosurgery. The magnification power of the microscope is up to 40X. Our expert neurosurgeons make the best use of it to perform the most accurate surgery on the neuro patients. The use of the microscope adds to the precision of the neurosurgery so performed on the patients.
  • Our hospital is equipped with a high-speed neurosurgical drill system which offers a high torque in a very compact size which makes it ideal for a wide range of neuro surgeries Being very small and light in weight, it becomes easy & convenient for the neuro surgeons to perform the complex surgeries with precision. Moreover, the torque can be adjusted as per requirements and the instrument comes with a very quick set up.
  • Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital also has a C Arm which is actually a medical imaging device that is based on x-ray technology. The instrument is quite flexibly used in the neuro surgery operating room. The name of the instrument comes from its C shaped arm which is used for connecting the x-ray source and the x-ray detector. The device is extensively used for vascular surgery and complex neuro surgeries for intra operative imaging. The C Arm provides x-ray images of a very high resolution in real time allowing the surgeons for monitoring the progress at any point of time.

The neuro surgery operating room of Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital has everything that is required to efficiently and effectively conduct even the most complicated neurosurgery at its best.