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Neurology Operation

A neurosurgery operating room, as the name suggests, is a highly specialized facility designed for performing complex surgeries on patients with neurological diseases, conditions, or disorders. Unlike traditional operating rooms, the neurosurgery operating room is equipped with specialized facilities and infrastructure tailored to the unique requirements of neurological procedures. It is equipped with all necessary equipment, tools, and resources needed to ensure the smooth execution of complex neurosurgeries without interruptions. Our hospital, led by the best neurosurgeons, ensures that every aspect of the neurosurgery operating room meets the highest standards of care and precision.

The Specialty of Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital (Neurosurgery Hospital)
The neurosurgery operating room at Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, Neurosurgery Hospital, is fully functional and state-of-the-art, equipped with the necessary infrastructure to effectively carry out even the most complicated neurosurgeries with ease. Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital aims to achieve the perfect combination of neurosurgical excellence and cutting-edge technology to ensure there is no compromise in the quality of treatment offered to neurology patients. Some of the specialties of the neurosurgery operating room at Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital are discussed below.

  • The hospital features a modular operation theater with laminar airflow, ensuring that all essential tools and equipment are readily available. This setup minimizes delays in performing surgeries on patients, thereby significantly improving the overall results of neurosurgeries conducted on patients.
  • A surgical operating microscope is among the specialized equipment in the neurosurgery operating room at Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital. This optical microscope is specifically designed for use in surgical settings, particularly for neurosurgeries. With a magnification power of up to 40X, our expert neurosurgeons utilize this equipment to perform highly accurate surgeries on neurology patients. The use of the microscope enhances the precision of neurosurgical procedures, resulting in optimal patient care.
  • Our hospital is equipped with a high-speed neurosurgical drill system that offers high torque in a compact size, making it ideal for a wide range of neurosurgeries. Its small and lightweight design enables neurosurgeons to perform complex surgeries with precision. Additionally, the torque can be adjusted as needed, and the instrument allows for quick setup.
  • Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital also features a C-arm, a medical imaging device based on X-ray technology. This instrument is highly versatile in the neurosurgery operating room, with its C-shaped arm connecting the X-ray source and detector. Primarily used for vascular surgery and complex neurosurgeries, the C-arm provides high-resolution X-ray images in real-time, allowing surgeons to monitor progress at any point during the procedure.

The neurosurgery operating room at Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital is fully equipped to efficiently and effectively perform even the most complicated neurosurgeries at the highest standard.