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What are Nervous System or Neuro-Degenerative Diseases?

Neuro degenerative diseases are referred to as a group of disorders that are progressive in nature. These diseases are characterised by the gradual loss of neurons in some of the discrete areas of the Central Nervous System of humans. The nerve cells or the neurons actually lose their function with time and ultimately die out. The neuro degenerative diseases can affect the individual at any age but the risk largely increases with the increase in age. Therefore, it is clear that the neurons are slowly degenerated both in terms of structure as well as function with time which is why these diseases are referred to as progressive diseases. The reason for the progressive nature of these neuro degenerative diseases is still not clearly known but a common inflammatory mechanism is what has been documented as the reason for their progressive nature.

Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment

Causes of Neuro-Degenerative Diseases
The exact causes of neuro-degenerative diseases are not known but researches have brought to light that the combination of genes of a person and the environment they live in together constitutes the development of a neuro-degenerative disease. It might happen that the gene of a person makes them susceptible to any particular neuro-degenerative disease. Those genes when exposed to certain environmental conditions, the chances of developing a neuro degenerative disease is readily enhanced. Some of the major causes are as listed below.

  • Exposure to insecticides, pesticides and fungicides
  • Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, manganese etc. which affects the Central Nervous System
  • Harmful chemicals used in the industries and consumer products such as polybrominated ethers, polychlorinated biphenyls etc.
  • Excessive air pollution
  • Biological factors such as endotoxins produced by bacteria
  • Dietary and lifestyle factors also contribute to neuro degenerative diseases like consumption of alcohol, smoking, caffeine, dietary antioxidants etc.

The proper identification of the causes plays a crucial role in the stepwise procedure of treatment which is what we exactly do at Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital so that our patients get the best possible outcome.

Symptoms of Neuro-degenerative Diseases
Another important thing to keep in mind to effectively deal with the neuro degenerative diseases is the proper recognition of the symptoms. At Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, we have an adequately trained and vastly experienced neuro team who take special care of every symptom to offer the best possible treatment to the affected patients. Some of the most common behavioural, physical and mental conditions which clearly indicate the occurrence of a neuro degenerative disease are as follows.

  • Disorders of memory, forgetfulness, difficulty in speech and word production.
  • Apathy is one of the commonest behavioural symptoms that affect the patients where the patients completely lack interest and motivation in daily activities of life.
  • Rigid or stiff muscles in many parts of the body is another of common sign that indicates the occurrence of a neuro degenerative disease.
  • Problems of balancing and mobility is a common physical problem that occurs in this case.
  • Anxiety and depression are two common symptoms that are seen in the affected patients.  
  • Changes in the speech of the individual and abnormal sensations are also common in case of a neuro degenerative disease.
  • Involuntary shaking or simply tremors usually affecting a limb or any one finger at a time clearly indicates the occurrence of a neuro degenerative disease.
  • Unexplained tiredness is another symptom in this regard.
  • Services We Offer
    We at Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital offer the best possible treatment to the patients affected by the neuro degenerative diseases. Some of the very common neuro degenerative diseases that we treat are listed below.

    • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
    • Parkinson’s disease and several other disorders related to the same
    • Motor neurone diseases
    • Prion disease
    • Spinal muscular atrophy
    • Spinocerebellar ataxia
    • Huntington’s disease

    The great neurologists of Dr.Vanchilingam Hospital make sure that the patients are relieved of the symptoms as a result of these neuro degenerative disorders. Our state of art neuro ICU is there to take care of all sorts of neuro-degenerative emergencies at its best so that the patients and their family members are not troubled.