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How Long Can Endovascular Coiling Procedure Be?

The man travels halfway with his heart and the other half with his brain. Mind and brain are intertwined in a very complex manner and hence, any illness that affects mind affects a person physically and vice versa. Illness or impaired conditions affecting the brain are on the rise today and the convolution it poses are also increasing. Brain aneurysm is one among the serious neurological issues present due to different reasons and risk factors.


Brain aneurysm is the condition of a bulging of a blood vessel with blood in the brain. This bulging can either rupture or leak in the immediate future causing serious bleeding into the brain, which is called the hemorrhagic stroke. This can be life-threatening and hence, a proper treatment during the initial stage itself can settle the situation under control. Dr Vanchilingam Hospital has been working in rendering the neurology care and neuro diagnosis. We provide different options for diagnosis and treatment for brain aneurysm.

Brain aneurysm does not show significant symptoms other than a sudden and severe headache or seizures. Hence, it is important that you bring the patient to the doctor at the earliest. Using different diagnostic methods like CT scan, cerebrospinal fluid test, MRI scan, or cerebral angiogram, the doctor concludes the occurrence of brain aneurysm. Surgical clipping is an invasive method to use a metal clip to block further blood flow to the affected vessel.


Endovascular coiling procedure is the method of inserting a hollow plastic catheter to fill the arteries with soft and tiny metal coils. Doing this can prevent further blood flow to the vessels affected by aneurysm. Endovascular coiling is usually done only after the rupture of aneurysm and rarely before rupture , there are specific conditions to do coiling before rupture. Once ruptured it causes Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage (Hemorrhagic stroke). Endovascular coiling procedure usually takes one to three hours to complete the procedure. Usually, it is a quick and easy method than the surgical option. Patients undergo general anaesthesia during the procedure. The recovery period is also quick, about a week only. While there are different scenarios like risk factors, possible complications etc for the surgery, the duration of the process can be tentative.

Dr Vanchilingam Hospital have the best team of doctors who have focused their career in neurology. He is one of the best neurologists in Tamil Nadu. We do coiling procedure within hours to help the patients recover soon from the pain and difficulties faced by them. We give the best facilities for Stroke treatment in Tamil Nadu and brain aneurysm treatment in India, at the rates suiting everyone’s pocket. So, reach out to Dr.Vanchiligam hospital for neural health care and treatments.


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