First and Only Single Specialty Hospital for Neurology with a
24/7 Stroke ICU


Speciality Hospital in Thanjavur and Chennai

Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital is one of the most distinguished speciality neurology and stroke hospitals with a dedicated team of experienced and skilled physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals led by Dr. Somesh Vanchilingam, the first Interventional Neurologist in Tamil Nadu.


Hospitals & Pharmacies

Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital in Thanjavur is a tertiary care center with 50 beds, featuring a dedicated 16-bed ICU for specialized Stroke and Neurology care.

This unit of Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital is located within the RPS Hospital Campus in Korattur, offering comprehensive stroke care at a tertiary level.

Dr. Vanchilingam Pharmacies were established with the specific aim of providing convenient access to medication for individuals facing neurological challenges.


Advanced Stroke & Neuro Specialist

At Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital, we have the finest team of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Radiologists, Stroke specialists, and dedicated support staff. Our focus is to help patients regain full strength, enabling them to lead a healthy and happy life ahead.


Neurology Treatments

Movement Disorder Services

Movement disorders as indicated by the name are the disorders...

Women's Neurology Services

Women's neurology services are referred to as the specialised...

Disc Disease Management

Disc disease is referred to as the pain in the lower back...

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neuro degenerative diseases are basically referred to as a group...

Paediatric Neurology

Paediatric neurology more popularly known as child...

Memory Disorders

A little lapse of memory is quite common among all of us...


Dr. Vanchilingam Hospital

After the founder Prof. Dr. Vanchilingam, the Hospital has Dr. Somesh Vanchilingam, at the helm, driving the vision of the founder with efforts to bring accessibility across more geographies. The Chennai center marks the beginning of this journey.

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